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For that human touch Wikidata needs ever so much, it must reach out to the projects that gave rise to it.

One idea for doing this would be to make human editing of Wikidata easier.

All this automated growth doesn’t necessarily connect well with the organic growth of Wikipedia and other projects.

We’ve written about how it’s not ideal for maintenance of the datasets, but automated ingestion of datasets is what Wikidata does best.

Make editing Wikidata as easy as adding a citation to Wikipedia. Highlight a statement, click a button like “Structure this statement” and grow Wikidata, all without leaving your home wiki.

If you represent a brand, you shouldn’t be editing that brand’s page, or any pages that are related to the brand’s areas of business.

A meeting of the many minds across different languages of Wikipedia could spell better information for all.

An advanced enough system could encourage contributions on the basis of coverage, highlighting cited statements which have not yet been structured.

At Wikicite 2017, discussions revolved around an ambitious goal to use Wikidata to create a central citation database for all the references on Wikipedia.

Citations are the essential building blocks of verifiability, a core tenet of Wikipedia.

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