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Solution is to set wifi power down from 100mw to 10 or in my case 4 (connections/wifi/options/advanced settings). I bought the fone based on its rating on fone review sites.Absolutely superb result - now getting 3 to 4 days standby and sensible talk time. I think 6120 Classic is better except for Wi Fi connection.Would you like to take part in the great championship, which is almost identical to the real competitions? Read more TV Quad Power Racing - is a crazy ATV racing in half track-type four wheeled racing vehicles. To come first to the finish line requires not only speed but also ability and skills to apply force methods. You will observe two battlefields on the screen, your weapon is reaction and speed, type of battle - tetris. Read more Astro Boy: Omega Factor - is one of the best action games for Game Boy Advance.Unfortunately MPEG4 H.263-encoded video clip with QVGA Resolution and 460kbps bitrate appears to be too "heavy" for the device and the video lags, so only lower quality clips should be played. However, there is the indispensable option of extending it up to 4 GB by means of a micro SD card.The functionality is standard, you can look up addresses or an exact location, as well as points of interest, including places for shopping, accommodation, eating, as well as different sights of interest.

When the left or right D-pad directions are used, a toolbar pops up.Nokia E51 disposes of a 2 megapixel camera, but regrettably, as mentioned above, it has neither a flashlight nor an auto-focus.The camera is started in 2.5 seconds and then you are faced with its definitely unattractive interface.Shots are of a very poor quality at even bright daylight; as for low illumination, objects in the picture will be rendered hard to make out due to the excess “noise”.We may conclude that this camera is one of the worst 2 megapixel ones on the market.

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The worst part is that Nokia office in Iran refuses to repair the phone and says they are only offering services during the Warranty period!

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