Poll men dating big women

Compared with the satiated men, those who felt hungry rated larger breasts significantly more attractive.

Taken together, these studies suggest that resource security plays a role in men’s breast size preferences.

That, in turn, suggested that the women had reliable access to food, which increased survival odds for their offspring—and for their impregnators.

English and Malaysian researchers showed photographs of women with varying breast size to 266 Malaysian men whose socioeconomic status ranged from poor to wealthy.

Finally, English and Malaysian researchers showed full-body photos of women to 361 men, who rated their attractiveness.

The women with large breasts were not considered the most attractive.

The Conventional Wisdom: Men Prefer Large Breasts But apparently, I’m in the minority.

But visit any of the zillion free porn-sampler sites (lobstertube.com, cliti.com, etc.) and you can view men erotically enraptured by women of every imaginable size from utterly flat to zeppelins.

In 1948, Frederick Mellinger, founder of Frederick's of Hollywood, introduced the push-up bra, which made them look even larger. A refinement of the push-up concept that accented cleavage, Wonderbra tripled sales of push-up bras from less than 3 percent of the market to 10 percent. Surgeons now perform 317,000 boob jobs annually (vs. Plenty of Men Love Small Breasts But beyond augmentations, another reason explains more of the recent increase in average bra size—weight gain. As weight increases, so does breast size, and with one-third of American adults now considered overweight, many women’s breasts have grown heftier.

Finally, since 1990, the average American bra size has increased from 34B to 36C. Meanwhile, flat-chested models dominate the fashion runways of Paris, Milan, and New York.

And because top models often wed celebrities or alpha-males, some of the world’s richest, most visible women have small breasts.

I googled “women’s breast size men’s preference,” and found several discussions.

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Participants were self-selected and not representative, but the comments were all over the map.

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