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New his Brother and sister had a channel by watching shay and his family. but i do remember at first i started watching after Rocktard was born. then one day i was bored cause there was no new videos in my sub. the other members in the band don’t have a youtube channel. Update:5-21-17: Pages i’ll be making soon and what i’ll call them: Samika & Friends - Samika Vlogs & Daehan and Aaron & Tribe Tyler and more …..Also, i use to start out only watching when i was bored and had nothing else to watch. I found him though Shaycarl when he told us in a vlog blake came sown to help make videos and take photos for Shayloss channel and Trixin Stuff. I thought all he made videos of is his art work that he made. I believe a fan made this maybe I don’t know I found it on google… box so i watched a lot of his videos and i loved it and now i can’t stop watching. I new of meliisa though charles cause they are brother and sister. I got to know them Through Charles’ vlogs and then when they started vlogging i subed and watch them. Ctfxc - Charles and Allie Trippy with ex-wife Alli Speed just part of getting to know Charles and a little update on her. We the Kings - with Danny aka Dlv and Travis and some of the other band members…Wassabi & Friends - Alex with a little on his annoying gf & Aaron & Frousy Tube & a update on Roi who use to be Alex’s friend and more….Mayer harnesses both beautifully, allowing Harris in a jean miniskirt to explore his natural exuberance but keeping the show about Hedwig, a feisty piece of show business flotsam or, as she admits, an 'internationally ignored song stylist.' Harris sings with real feeling, whether it's a torch song on a stool while dressed in a little cocktail dress or rocking out a head-banging tune by attacking the scenery.

Trippy is also the bassist for American Rock band We The Kings.His father, Chaz Trippy, played percussion in the Gregg Allman Band when he was younger and often toured with them.Trippy attended Lakewood Ranch High School and later attended the University of South Florida and majored in communications.Along the way, she has lost a piece of her manhood (the remainder is the rest of the show's title.)The show has a renovated book by John Cameron Mitchell — who also played the first Hedwig — and songs by Stephen Trask that straddle the line between rock 'n' roll and traditional musical theater.A cult off-Broadway hit in 1998, Hedwig led to a 2001 feature film and has seemingly been waiting for Harris ever since. He has an undervalued score — some of the 10 songs here like Wicked Little Town, Origin of Love and Wig in a Box deserve to be on i Pods everywhere — and a stunning leading man who is willing to eat cigarettes and lick the stage ('Tastes like Kathy Griffin,' he comments after putting tongue to wood).

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