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A glass or two of champagne at the office had become a bottle or two at the pub and Annie had rushed home with seven minutes to spare before Tom was due to arrive. The girls and I had a few extras at the pub to see Janie off.

A fit 39 year old, Annie always dressed well for work and there seemed no reason to change. I didn't have time to eat." I could see that in her eyes.

The actress tells him that she is from Kansas before asking if he has a GPS on his phone that can help her.

She reminds him that her phone is about to die, and he readily agrees to help her.

A younger man than me, Tom was no pin up but, as Annie had confided, women found him attractive with his piercing blue eyes and lithe figure.

'Anytime we go places, I am always around,' she explains.

Luis notes that it is possible that it 'turned him on' that she was only 16 because it certainly didn't stop him from flirting or putting his arm around her/ 'Well, that's sick.

I don't want to be with a son of a b***h like this,' Vanessa says at the end of the clip.

Vanessa's beau tells her that he is from Wisconsin and starts asking her where her friends are.'Wasn't she asking for directions?

' Vanessa asks as she watches her man get a little too friendly with the stranger he is supposedly helping out. 'The teen plays coy and reminds him that she is originally from Kansas and doesn't know anyone in town. ' she asks, prompting him to put out the cigarette he is smoking.

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I don't see a problem with that.'The actress gives him her phone number, and he asks if they can do something later. He had sex with the girl.'Vanessa says her boyfriend's action are 'potentially' forgivable, but she notes he better have a 'damn good excuse' for his flirting.

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