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The cancer more strongly associated with obesity is liver, colon and pancreatic cancer in men and breast, uterine, endometrial, kidney and cervical cancer in women.

Similarly the better educated are more likely to exercise and to obtain preventive care such as flu shots, vaccines, mammograms, pap smears and colonoscopies .Moreover, secular trends indicate increasing prevalence rates in these countries: for example, 9.8 to 11.7% among children from 5-19 years in India during 2006-2009 Obesity is a condition of abnormal or excess fat accumulation in adipose tissue, which may adversely affect health of body and increase health problems.Although the mechanism of obesity development is not fully understood, it is confirmed that obesity occurs when energy intake exceeds energy expenditure .Previous research has indicated the presence of neglect, stigma, bias, and discrimination against overweight or obese children, which can culminate into pervasive victimization, teasing, and bullying . Existing evidence on the relationship between education and obesity: The existing evidence concerning the relationship between education and obesity is relatively limited and smaller number of studies focusing on lifestyles and on obesity in particular.In a study conducted amongst middle aged women in four urban and five rural locations in northern (Hariyana), central (Jaipur), western (Pune) eastern (Kolkata) and southern (Kochi, Gandhigram) regions of India. The evidence available, covering a number of organizations of economic corporation and development countries, generally shows strong relationship between education and obesity.

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It increases the work of the heart and leads to anatomical changes within it.

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